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Hepatits C Genotype 3

Hepatitis C is a contagion that is known to be contagious which eventually damages the liver. This contagion is a result of Hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Aside from being dangerous, it has few genotypes or genetic variants. These genotypes differ in many aspects, while some can be difficult to manage or handle others are easier. In case of genotype 3, this genotype though is rare to be contracted it is similarly difficult to treat as well.

There have been a total of six genotypes identified to the date. All these genotypes have their own subtypes. Each of the genotypes needs to be treated differently and with different medications. There are few cases where a person can get infected with more than one genotype. Among all the cases of Hepatitis C in the US, about 10 % have genotype 3. Since the rate of the genotype 3 is low, there is not much of research or study done on it. Usually, people with genotype 3 are reported to have the experience of much faster progression of fibrosis. This basically translates to the liver tissues thickening and the scarring rate is faster compared to any other genotype case. There is also a risk of fat accumulation in the liver, higher than others. This may eventually lead to a worst case of liver swelling and scarring and later on liver failure. There is a chance that the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma increasing in such cases. In cases of Hepatitis B and C, hepatocellular carcinoma is common.

Basically, this genotype is related to the comparatively higher rate of fibrosis, liver cancer, etc. Hence, it is vital that one should identify which genotype he/she is suffering from. Once you know which genotype you are suffering from, it will be easy to treat the same. This will minimize the danger of liver damage and any other side effects. The longer the treatment and diagnosis are delayed, the more difficult it will be to get rid of the contagion. It is always recommended that one should be alert to symptoms or any signs that might occur and consult a licensed doctor or physician about it. Once you are diagnosed treating comes with ease and the early the better.