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Hepatits C Genotype 1

Though Hepatitis C has been a distressing contagion for many, the origin of it is still unknown. However, there is a theory that the infection has an origin from horses; it is still not confirmed and is still just a theory. The contagion is believed to be originated from West Africa. The contagion is transmitted through blood to blood contact. Hepatitis C has been contracted by almost about 150 million people on earth while the genotype 1 of is the most common genotype. All this has been happening because of unsafe blood transfusions and injects or any other kind of unsafe contact with infected blood, etc.

It was initially found that Genotype 1a, from 1906 through the 1960’s, had a steady expansion. However, it was found that the expansion as on dramatic rise till 1980’s. This is purely seen as the increase in the use of injections for drugs since 1960’s to date. On the other hand, genotype 1b started a steady rise from 1922 to 1940’s. It greatly expanded in the duration between 1050’s and 1980’s. This shows that genotype 1b expanded 16 years early than the genotype 1a. In the initial phase of Hepatitis C epidemic, it was believed that the genotype 1b caused high liver cancer cases. This thinking might have occurred due to the reason that the cases of genotype 1b were infected for a longer period of time and were prone to more progression of the disease. The genotype 1 still remains to be the most common genotype and the reason could be that there are many cases of blood transfusions, plasma pooling and unsafe injections of medications or drugs in the developed areas. Since the 1920’s there has been a constant rise in the use of unsafe injections for the drug as well as sharing of such injections and this could add to the fact that the genotype 1 is most common among other genotypes.

Here are some of the facts about Hepatitis C genotype 1:

  • There are almost 46.2 % of the whole world populations who suffer from Hepatitis C genotype 1, which makes up about 83.4 million people all over the world.
  • The United States has about 705 of its population in the clutches of genotype 1 of Hepatitis C and it is the most common genotype there.
  • There is a long list subtypes of the genotypes such as a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, I, k and l; among all these a and b are the most common ones while rest are uncommon.