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Generic Harvoni

Hepatitis C patients know that Harvoni is the ultimate medication for their treatment. Once the doctor prescribes the drug of the generic Harvoni to them, all they are worried about is how to obtain the drug and how much it costs. There many aspects of the drug that remains unexplored.

Many a time few cases of Hepatitis C are deteriorated. There is the possibility of 2 cases among 60 cases of Hepatitis C being treated with Generic Harvoni face deterioration. There has been no insight o why this situation occurs. Here we will be giving you few tips to remember while you use Generic Harvoni:

  1. Generic Harvoni has two anti-viral agents- Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir.
  2. Ledipasvir, one of the antiviral agents in Generic Harvoni is not very soluble chemical. It does not dissolve easily.
  3. Sofosbuvir is soluble i.e. it dissolves easily.
  4. Stomach acids are the catalysts that dissolve Ledipasvir thus allowing the body to absorb the antiviral agent.
  5. Consuming antacids with, before or after consuming Generic Harvoni will prevent the reaction of stomach acids dissolving Ledipasvir.
  6. As per the direction is given on the package of the drug, Generic Harvoni can be taken with food or without food.
  7. However, a small amount of food will trigger stomach acids leading to the better dissolving of Ledipasvir in Generic Harvoni.
  8. If you have a large or heavy meal, it is most likely that Ledipasvir will get stuck between the foods.
  9. Even a large amount of water can swipe away Ledipasvir with it.
  10. A small amount of water will suffice the needed flow and help the Ledipasvir to reach the stomach where the stomach acids can start their work.
  11. Take your pill at the decided time every day.
  12. Do not take any kind of magnesium supplement during the treatment course.