Can hepatitis C be cured?

Yes, this drug can cure hepatitis C as these are the direct acting antiviral drugs. The success rate of the drug is at around 95%. The 5% people can be cured however at a slower rate as compared the others. This clearly means that at first attempt theses 5% people need regular examination from the doctors. Theses 5% people are generally are the genotype 3 or either suffering from cirrhosis.... so the experts say that they lesser cure rates.

Is the treatment cost high?

No, initially it was high as the Harvoni was introduced as the drug however later on the makers of the drug decided to make it affordable so generic harvoni was introduced as the treatment option. The drug is affordable as it will cost at around $1500 depending on the requirement. A normal patient would require a 12 weeks treatment pills however patients suffering from cirrhosis would require more pills.

How to place an order?

Yes, Indeed this it is important question.... you can click on the drug required ... fill up the patients form and pay through credit card. Within 2 days the drug will reach at your doorstep.

Is prescription necessary to get the drug?

Yes, the prescription is required as this will help you and us to maintain the legalities for the procurement of the drug.

Will I get the medicine at my doorstep?

Yes, you will get the drugs at your doorstep if insisted.... so there is no need to travel.

Are the generic medicines the same as the branded one?

Yes. The quality of the both the medicines are same. The cost difference is there because the branded medicines go under the brand ... and for this there parent companies have to pay heavy price for patenting there products. However generic medicines are the drugs wherein the drugs only the manufacturing cost and shipping charges are added as the cost price of the product.

What are the requirements for the treatment?

I know this is strange question.... but you need to think about the urgency of that treatment. Check out the legalities related to the treatment and than go for it. The treatment cost and importation of the drug at your country would take a lot of efforts. So think seriously ... discuss with your doctor about it. The basic blood tests screening reports mentioning the HCV genotype, your blood count (CBC) and complete liver analysis report. Later on once the treatment schedule is done you need to undergo further screening of HCV and detailed fibroscan is to be done under medical supervision.

Are the privacy standards maintained?

Yes, the privacy policy strictly maintained at each step. Each and every private information of the customer is collated in our data base for further communication. However this information is collated to send the email and newsletter of the latest updates. Apart from this according to the privacy guidelines the customer information is not shared with any of the third party. However with patient’s permission the patient’s information can be shared with the doctor.

What are specific blood tests done for the patient suffering from hepatitis C?

Complete blood count (CBC)
Liver function tests: In this test the functioning of the liver is albumin and bilirubin level is also checked.
Renal function tests include creatinine, urea and electrolyte levels are checked.
Fibrosure test: in the test the fibrosis of the liver is analysed.
Apart from this the thyroid tests and blood sugar levels are checked to avoid any complications.

What are the drug interactions and side effect of the drug?

You need to take utmost care while discussing your issue with the doctor. The medical history and the concomitant drugs need to be discussed while consumption of any of the drug. Painkillers and routine antibiotics may not interfere with the drug absorption of this antiviral drug. However for mare information related to drug interaction you can check into the Interaction Checking Tool. The consumer information is provided on the leaflet given with the tablet. The side effects of the drug are minimal and will vanish once the drug gets adjusted with the body. However it’s uncommon but headache and skin and stomach upset need to be addressed urgently if it gets aggravated. In such cases urgent medical supervision is advised.

How do I check my delivery status?

The delivery status can be checked by using the tracking id. This tracking Id is auto- generated by the system, once the order is placed. Once this tracking Id is generated the shipment parcel gets readied with 3 to 4 days. The process of shipping starts with 24-48 hours of time span. So the delivery is guaranteed however in case of unavoidable circumstances the money can be refunded.